Macaron shells in oven.

First batch of macaron shells baking in the oven – look at those little feet!

My love affair with macarons began several years ago, long before I even tasted one. I don’t have a specific memory of when I learned these amazing little cookies existed. I do know it happened during an internet wandering. I was intrigued by these beautiful, colorful sandwich cookies that come in interesting flavor combinations like lavender lemon or Salt and Vinegar.  I am a total sucker for trying unique flavors in my sweet treats – every since discovering Chocolate Coyote Sebastian Joe ice cream (chocolate, cinnamon and cayenne pepper).

In April 2013, I learned Cupcake added macarons to their menu.  I had one, Cherry Black Pepper (I think).  I was sold.  I needed to make my own.  I read a few different blogs going on about how finicky they can be and chose to follow Not So Humble Pie’s directions and recipe.

First macarons

Three of the first macarons – they represent the best, not the average.

To my surprise – I had success with my first batch.  The shells developed little feet and the mostly smooth top.  To confirm it wasn’t a fluke, I immediately made another batch.

I have gone on to make a few dozen batches, each time tweaking something or another.  I have already forgotten most of them which is sad because they were all so fabulous in the own little way – even the ones that did not turn out as expected.

This site is my attempt to prevent macarons yet to be from sharing the same fate.

h/t to former co-worker William for coining TaraRoons.


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