Separating the egg whites – the beginning

Separate egg whites

Prep for marathon macaron making includes separating a couple dozen egg whites

Separating egg whites is the first step in making macarons.  It is a messy and delicate process.  I have had some success by taking a shortcut with store bought egg whites.  Yet I continue to come back to separating my own.

I enjoy the tactile experience of cracking the eggshell, letting the egg white pour in between my fingers while I gently roll the egg yolk across my fingers.  It is the opportunity to notice how each egg is a little different.  Some eggs have really shells so thin I have to be careful to not squeeze the egg too hard while picking it up. Others have pretty tough shells. Then there are all the different variations of egg yolks from pale yellow to a rich sunny orange.

Aging egg whites

Egg whites sitting near the window aging

In the end, I have a jar of pale gooey egg whites. Can you believe this goopy mess can be transformed into delicate beautiful sweet shells?  I have done this a few dozen times, and I am still in awe of the magic.

And so begins my documentation of this love.  I don’t pretend this journal will be nearly as transforming or magical, but I will do my best.

Now go let the egg whites age.  (Yes, I do age my egg whites unless I am being impatient.)