Dreaming – Ice Cream

I’ll have a cup of tea and tell you of my dreaming
Dreaming is free – Blondie

I love plotting my next macaron adventures. I am having a craving for ice cream, perhaps it is the upcoming weekend of above zero temperatures (with the possibility of going above zero, oh my).  Today’s dreaming list is all about using macarons to make a sophisticated ice cream sandwich.

First, a little video inspiration from Francois Payard demonstrating making Mango and Coconut Ice Cream macaron. I adore him. Watch how he gets all the sugar syrup in the meringue with his Italian method and not stuck to the side of the mixing bowl.

Other ideas:

Pumpkin Ice Cream and Pepitas – with suggestion of pistachios instead of pepitas

Almond Ice Cream – keeping it simple

Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream – Breakfast?

Ice Cream Cone – Freakin’ cute ice cream cone shape

Black Sesame Matcha – green tea love

Roasted Pistachio – roasted goodness

Pistachio – bonus: uses yolks for the ice cream (oh and pretty stenciling)

Mint chocolate chip – ok – so this is a recipe for mint chocolate chip buttercream – but wouldn’t it be lovely with mint chocolate chip ice cream instead

Neopolitan – I wonder if I would have the urge to leave all the strawberry shells behind.