Macarons 2014 – Batch 8, the Grammy Edition

0126141614Batch 8 was a last minute request. I was invited to a friends’ house for fajitas and watching the Grammys.  When I asked if I could bring something, the request came for macarons. I initially said there wasn’t enough time because I do prefer to have the macarons mature for at least 24 hours after being filled.

When scanning the cupboards and refrigerator for some other dessert inspiration to strike, I saw my already separated ageing egg whites and remaining buttered popcorn filling (from macaron making earlier in the week).  I couldn’t resist the challenge.  So I whipped up a batch of macarons using the ingredient ratio in Les Petits Macarons and my usual mixing and baking technique (14 mins at 300 degrees).  I chose to color them pink in honor of P!nk who would be performing at the Grammys and for whom my friends are big fans.

You can see from the picture I rushed the mixing a bit as the last little peak didn’t go away.  Just a couple of more folds and they would have been picture perfect.   They sat for about five hours before the first nibbles, so they were a bit chewy.  The flavor of the buttered popcorn filling was still quite lovely.  I bet the ones I left behind were fantastic the next day both in texture and flavor.

This is why I should just make some to freeze for spontaneous little gifts.  Can I trust myself to have them sitting in the freezer?

I didn’t stick around for all of the Grammys, but I did stay long enough to enjoy watching P!nk and her acrobatic performance.